Casa de las Sirenas offers quiet and luxurious living in its classic Mexican-style spaces of beauty and comfort. Each room looks out onto the garden and pool, with large windows to attract the light. Outside meets the inside when the sliding doors in the sitting room open out into the garden. Eighteen-foot high beamed ceilings and large fans help the air to circulate and keep the house cool. Marble and hand-painted pasta tiles in all the rooms are as pleasant to the feet as they are beautiful to the eyes.

All that you need and desire for a perfectly wonderful holiday stay is here, from lovely leisure options in the sitting room and study to three peaceful en suite bedrooms, from pool and garden oasis and sun terrace to superb kitchen and inviting dining room. Whatever your favorite activities, there is a place for them here in the midst of expressive works of art, antique furnishings and a graceful atmosphere. Take the wide stone steps up to the terrace to watch the golden sun setting over Merida. Can you hear the sirens calling?